Differences between OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express

Below is a short list of features that are only available with OnTheAir Video, you can click on the link to read an article about these features, when we indicate "NEW" it means it's a new feature of OnTheAir Video 4, other features were available in OnTheAir Video 3. If you want to check what's new in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express 4, check the following article.


Differences between OnTheAir Video 4 and OnTheAir Video Express 4

  • Smart Resize and Graphics playback engine:  allows 2 things: a better quality up or downscaling of interlaced material, and the ability to overlay a static logo. It is the same engine that is used to overly the dynamic graphics with the DGO option.
  • Live Sources: add in your playlists "Live Clips" that use either the signal from a video device input, or the signal from one of our applications through the "Direct Link".
  • Scheduling: automatically open playlists at given date and time for 24/7 playout.
    • NEW: Add "Auto Start Date/Time" to clips in a playlist to automatically start a clip at a given date and time, without the need of a schedule.
  • Actions:  control external software and devices such as video routers or our own OnTheAir CG application for example
  • AppleScriptable: the application can be controlled using AppleScripts
  • MIDI: control the playback with MIDI keyboards
  • As-run-logs: Generate as-run-logs (to know which clip has been played when, and send reports)
  • Subtitling: (Requires the CC option). You can playout either:
    • Closed Captioning using QuickTime or MXF files with CEA-708 or CEA-608 Closed captioning tracks. 
    • NEW: OP47 is supported either in an MXF file with OP47, or using sidecar files in .SRT or .STL extension
  • NEW: Built-in CG:  (Requires the Dynamic Graphics Overlay (DGO) option) Additionally to still images that you can use for a logo overlay (the logo overlay feature does not require the DGO option), you can now import CG Projects in OnTheAir Video to be overlaid on top of the video playback. These dynamic graphics can be controlled either with simple attributes in the user interface or with Actions.
  • NEW: Transitions:  You can use either built-in transitions such as cross-fades, or custom transitions (made with your own movies with an Alpha Channel)
  • NEW: Secondary Audio Output: Additionally to the video output on the selected video device, you can now also output to another available audio output on your Mac. Works with CoreAudio, so supports the audio devices that are available for macOS (including Dante or MADI).

  • NEW: Streaming input: Supports RTMP video input to play a web stream easily. Just add a "stream clip" to your playlist, enter the RTMP url and start playing it back.
  • NEW: Ability to control a Video router without the need of OnTheAir Switch: Supports Blackmagic-Design Videohub or Ross video routers. This can be done using Actions.
  • NEW: Support for SCTE triggers: (Requires the CC option) SCTE35 triggers can be used to control other automation server, or slicing. It embeds the SCTE trigger in the VANC of a SDI video output.
  • NEW: REST API:  OnTheAir Video is now coming with a full REST API that allows to control it remotely from a webpage
  • NEW: Validation report: Generate a report for a playlist to print (with offline clips, offline actions, ...). This is very useful for long playlists, to have a quick overview of possible issues.




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