Differences between OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express

OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express share the same playout engine, so they are able to play the same type of files and formats to the same type of video devices.

Below is a short list of features that are not present in OnTheAir Video Express, but that OnTheAir Video adds, you can click on the link to read an article about these features:

  • Smart Resize and Graphics playback engine:  allows 2 things: a better quality up or downscaling of interlaced material, and the ability to overlay a static logo.
  • Closed Captioning option: playout Closed Captioning using QuickTime Closed Captioning tracks in CEA-708
  • Scheduling: automatically open playlists at given date and time for 24/7 playout.
  • Actions:  control external software and devices such as video routers or our own OnTheAir CG application for example
  • AppleScriptable: the application can be controlled using AppleScripts
  • MIDI: control the playback with MIDI keyboards
  • As-run-logs: Generate as-run-logs (to know which clip has been played when, and send reports)
  • Direct Link: retrieve the video and audio signal in MovieRecorder or OnTheAir CG to either record/preview it or overlay dynamic graphics.
  • Live Sources: add in your playlists "Live Clips" that use either the signal from a video device input, or the signal from one of our applications through the "Direct Link".




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