Switching a video router with OnTheAir Video 4

(This feature is only available in OnTheAir Video, not in OnTheAir Video Express).

With OnTheAir Video, we have added the ability to control video routers directly in OnTheAir Video. Previously it required to install an application called OnTheAir Switch, but not anymore.

The compatible routers are:

  • Blackmagic Videohub
  • Ross

For other routers, you can still use OnTheAir Switch, check compatibility here.


How to set it up?

There is no preference to add in OnTheAir Video, but just add an Action (AppleScript) to the "Actions" folder of OnTheAir Video 4.

The Actions folder is located in:

/Library/Application Support/Softron/OnTheAir Video/com.softronmedia.OnTheAirVideo/Actions/

Attached to this article are 2 sample actions that you can use.


Blackmagic Videohub

Here is an example of script that can be used to control a Videohub:

on Action(parameter)
tell application "OnTheAir Video"
set selected input of output 3 of (first videohub device whose name is "Videohub on Studio Videohub") to 2
end tell
end Action

There is nothing to do in OnTheAir Video as it will automatically scan the network to discover a Videohub through Bonjour. So in the example above, we will search for the first available Videohub and use it. You could change thee script to only use a Videohub with a specific name.



With Ross, you just need to indicate the IP address of the Ross video router. And then specify which "command" (which GPI) you want it to execute. Check your Ross manual to know how to modify those GPI.

on Action(parameter)
tell application "OnTheAir Video"
switch rosstalk ip_address "" command "GPI 04"
end tell
end Action


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