HOW TO: Create schedules manually or from third party applications

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only OnTheAir Video has the schedule feature. This won't work with OnTheAir Video Express.


General Recommendations

You can create schedules from a third party application (or from a simple text editor) and use it with OnTheAir Video 3 as it is a simple tab separated text and can thus also be very easily generated by a third party application.


Analyse an existing schedule with a text editor

To know how you should format the schedule, the easiest (and always up to date) is to

  • Open the application "OnTheAir Tools" (should be located in the same folder as OnTheAir Video)
  • Create a schedule 
  • Save it
  • Open it with a Text Editor, and analyse how it is done


Recommendations to create schedules

If you want to prepare a Schedule file using a simple Text editor, such as Text Edit or Text Wrangler. The Schedule file must be

  • a Tab-separated text
  • in UTF-8
  • Plain Text
  • each line separated by a “return”
  • date should be formatted as : yyyy-mm-dd
  • time should be formatted as: hh:mm:ss

It should be formatted as follow:

About the "Follow Start"

A "Follow Start" is when a playlist is not triggered at a defined date and time but instead started at the end of a preceding playlist. In this case, in your schedule, you don't set a start date/time for that playlist, BUT you will need to keep the 2 tabs at the beginning of the line.

About the "Loop mode"

If you want to put the playlist in Loop, set the Loop info to 1. If you don’t want it to Loop, set it to 0. Note that this settings supersedes the one that you might have set in the playlist itself.


Time to create Schedules with Excel

You can create schedules for OnTheAir Video months in advance. But if you want to do it with OnTheAir Tools, or using a text editor, it can prove to be very long. Also with OnTheAir Tools, you will need to have the playlists already created.


With Excel, it is very easy to create a schedule using some formulas to automatically create in advance playlist names. 


A quick reminder of what a Schedule for OnTheAir Video looks like:


  • 2016-01-01 = Date of the event formatted as follow: year-month-day (!Separators = Hyphen). 
  • 19:00:00 = Hour of the event formatted as follow: hours:minutes:seconds (!Separators = two points or colon) 
  • /Volumes/Video/Playlists/2008/Playlist/080101-19h.xpls = The complete File Path of the Playlist. 
  • 1 = Indicates if the playlist is in LOOP mode or not: 1 means it is in LOOP, and 0 means it is not in LOOP. 

Attached is an excel document that you can use to create automatically a schedule in advance using some formula. Have a look at how it is done (it will require some basic excel formula knowledge). Once you have done your own, just select the menu "File > Save As..." and select in the window the format to be "Tab Delimited Text".



Then use the schedule file as usual in OnTheAir Video.


Note that there is no scheduling feature in OnTheAir Video Express, so you won't be able to use this with OnTheAir Video Express.




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