HOW TO: Control OnTheAir Video (Express) from a production switcher

Note there is a generic article talking about how to control all our applications from a production switcher. This article is only for OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express.

There are 2 ways to control OnTheAir Video or OnTheAir Video Express from a production switcher, depending on the brand you use.

  • with most production switcher this will be done through our GPICommander box
  • if you own an ATEM production switcher, this can be done simply through Ethernet connection


Using GPICommander

The idea here is that you will use the GPI/Tally output of your production switcher (what you use to indicate to the presenter if his camer is "on or not"). You will connect that GPI output to our GPICommander box. GPI Commander is a device that you connect in USB to your computer and that has 8 outputs and 24 inputs.

For more info on how to use GPICommander, you can read the following article.


Using Ethernet with an ATEM

If you have an ATEM, then it's even easier than that. Since OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express 3.3.1 it is now possible to do that with just a Network connection. So here it is:

  • make sure that your ATEM switcher is within the same network as your computer with OnTheAir Video 
  • install the same driver on your Mac corresponding to the firmware that your ATEM is using. So first make sure of the firmware used by the ATEM, and then install the same drivers on your Mac. (or upgrade the firmware if needed)
  • go to the OnTheAir Video preferences and select ATEM:
  • Enable the checkbox
  • Enter the IP address to the ATEM
  • Select the input that you want OnTheAir Video to monitor

The behaviour will be as follows:

  • as soon as OnTheAir Video sees that the monitored input is selected in your ATEM, it will start playing the selected (or cued) clip in the front playlist
  • then when the monitored input is deselected in the ATEM, and if the "Cue next clip when OnTheAir Video Input is deselected" option is enabled, we will automatically cue the next clip.


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