HOW TO: Order from the online store

You can access the Softron online store from the address:

It is relatively easy to order Softron products on line.  This “tutorial” will explain the important steps that you need to take to make sure that your order is processed efficiently and correctly. When you launch the Store by clicking on the Online Store link on the Softron Home page (or using the direct link:, the following window will open in either French or English.



 1. Change the language / currency

The online store is available in English and French, and the prices can be shown in Euro or Dollar. You can change the language and currency simply by using the buttons on the top left:




 2. Log in to your account

If you do not already have an account, you should create one by selecting "create an account" from the Welcome in the middle of the screen below the “What’s New Here?”



You can then follow the steps described in this article to know how to create an account: 


If you already have an account, click on "Log in".


This window will appear:


Enter your email and password in the appropriate fields.


I have forgotten my password, what should I do ?

For security concerns, there is no way for Softron to know the password to your account. The only way to do it is to reset your password by clicking on the link "Password forgotten? Click here" (see the above screenshot) and follow the instructions on screen. Once completed, we will send you a new password by email.





3. Find the product you want to purchase

Once logged in, you will see from the home page that it says your name (instead of Welcom "Guest"), it also says "Log Off" instead of Log In and if you had articles in your Cart, it will show a little "badge" with the number of articles in your cart.


Find the products you need by browsing through the categories in the top left corner.


For more detailed information on how to find a product in the online store, you can read this article.





4. Add a product to your Shopping Cart 

Once you have found the product you want to buy, click on the "Buy Now" or "Add to cart" button (depending on which page you are):




You should now see a page showing you the content of your Shopping Cart:




To order more then one license, simply change the number of the Qty. entry and press the "Update" button.




If you want to delete an article from the Cart, click on the checkbox "Remove", and then click on "Update".




If you want to purchase more Softron products, simply select "Continue Shopping" and repeat the process again.





You can always go back to your Shopping cart by clicking on this icon. Note that when there is a product in your shopping cart, it will show a little badge on:




About ordering Dongles

Note that if you want to use dongles instead of serial numbers, you will need to order them. We can add up to 20 licenses on one dongle. 

The main advantages of when you use a dongle instead of a serial number is that you don't need to go through the activation/deactivation process so when a computer has hardware issue you can switch to another computer quicker.

Note that unlike serial numbers (sent by email), dongles require a physical shipment.




5. Checkout - Step 1 - Delivery Information

Once you are sure that you want to buy the whole content of your shopping cart and that you have checked the amount you will need to pay, you can click on the "Checkout" button. 




IMPORTANT NOTE: Some Softron products (Dongles, GPI Commander, OnTheAir CG) require a physical shipment via FedEx. We will need a valid shipping address (no PO Box), contact name and phone number. If the shipping address is different then the billing address, you have to change the Shipping address (see below). All other products are serial numbers which are sent by email to the email address provided in the account set up.



After you have clicked on the "Checkout" button, This window will show up:



Note that the shipping address will be the same as the one for your account. If you want us to ship to a different address then the one from your account, you must specify it now. We will not be able to change this afterwards.


Changing the Shipping Address

To change the Shipping address, click on "Change Address":



This will extend the window to show additional info. If you already did enter another delivery address, you'll be able to choose it in the "Address Book Entries" section.




You can also add a new Shipping address and then click on "Continue". Your new shipping address will be verified.


About the "N° TVA Intracom" field

This field should only be filled when ordering from a Company within the European Union. Only companies with a valid Intracom VAT number will not have the VAT added. The VAT number provided will be verified.

Companies outside of Europe should not worry about this as VAT will not be added.




6. Checkout - Step 2 - Payment Information


Adding Comments

The Payment Information page also has areas where you can enter additional comments (for example resellers should specify the name of the client).



Adding a Discount coupon or promotional code

If you have a promotional coupon, you will enter the promotional code or reseller code into the Coupon Code area. 



Entering an incorrect Coupon Code will be indicated when you press the Continue button. If the following message shows up, check your code and try again.






7. Checkout - Step 3 - Order Validation

Once ready to pay for your order, you will see your order confirmation.



If you used a promotional coupon you will see the discount code and the application and totals of your order as your order confirmation.



  • Delivery address : is it correct ?
  • VAT: if you are in the European Union  and you entered correctly your intercom VAT number, no VAT should be added to your order. If a VAT amount is added to the subtotal, go back to your account or the delivery address and verify the email address entered
  • Discount Coupon: if you are a reseller or had a discount coupon code, check that it is deducted from the order, it should show here before the subtotal.
!!! We will not be able to refund you if you forget to verify these things, so always double-check before proceeding to payment!

8. Checkout - Step 4&5 - Payment and Confirmation of order

After having verified your order, click on the "Confirm Order" button to proceed to "Ogone", which is our Payment Provider and you will enter a secures website.  This window will show up:



Read Carefully this as it warns you that the order is completed only when Ogone (the payment provider i. e. Merchant Bank) redirects you to the Softron Online Store and that the Softron Online store tells you that the Order is confirmed.

If you click on "OK" on this window, this will show up:




Important Note: OGONE is the Payment Provider (i. e. Merchant Bank) that processes all online credit card payments.  It is completely separate from Softron Media Services.  All of the account information that should be secure is kept secure by OGONE and Softron cannot view any of that information.  So we will never learn your credit card information.



Paying via Bank Transfer

If you want to pay by Bank Transfer instead of by Credit Card, click on the "Bank Transfer" button.



This will open the following screen, where you need to click on the "I agree" button:



It will then open this window that will show you all the information you need to make the payment for the order. 



!!! To finalize your order, you MUST click on the "Close My Order" button to be redirected to the Softron Online store and your order to be processed. Only when you see the following page is your order complete:




Paying with a Credit Card

If you decide to pay by American Express, Visa or MaterCard, you should click on the appropriate Logo from the payments window.


 This will open the following window:



Enter all your card information and click on "Yes I confirm my order". After a few seconds, if it is successful, it will redirect you to the Softron Online Store with a confirmation page:




Canceling an order

At any time you can cancel the order by clicking on the cancel button.






8. Email confirmation for your order

Whether you cancel or process the order – you will receive an email from Ogone detailing the status of your order. If you need a detailed invoice for your order click on the link for it:



You can also get your invoice later on. To retrieve it, follow the steps explained in this Knowledge Base Article.




9. Delivery of your order


When is your order processed ? 

  • Orders paid by Bank Transfer are not processed immediately. Payment by Bank Transfer will require a few days for the inter-bank transfers to be finalized. Licenses will be sent only when the payment is received.
  • Orders paid by Credit Card are processed within the next 24 hours.


Does my order need a physical shipment ?

Depending on the type of product you ordered it may need a physical shipment. The only products that need a physical shipment are:

  • OnTheAir CG
  • GPICommander
  • Dongles
  • Pack of 5 licenses for OnTheAir Video Express

If you didn't order any of these products, the licenses will only be sent to you by email to the email address of your account.


When and how are the licenses delivered ?

Depending on the payment method and if it requires a physical shipment or not, the time of delivery can vary. Once payment is received, we usually process the order within the next 24 hours, but usually quicker then that. If it's a serial number, we send it right away when the order is processed.

If it needs a physical shipment, it is shipped using FedEx International Priority and is thus pretty quick (it takes usually between 1-2 days). The shipments are done from Monday to Friday every day at 3PM CET. Orders coming in later then that will be shipped the next day.

Softron can not give any fixed timeframe for delivery and shipment of orders, but as usual, we'll do our best for you to have it as quick as possible.


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