HOW TO: Find a product in the Softron online store ?

1. Browsing in the online store

At the top of the window lays always the "Breadcrumb" where you can always see where you are in the store. You can always go back to the home page of the store by clicking on the "Store" button, or the Softron logo.




2. Changing the language and currency

To the right of the breadcrumb, you will be able to select the language that you want to work in, as well as the currency that you want to use to pay for your order.




3. Finding the good product category and product description

At the top left, you can browse through the 3 main categories:

  • TV & Video: all ingest, playout and character generator solutions in video
  • Other Products: all products that are not ingest, nor play out, nor Character Generator
  • Radio: All radio/audio software solutions



When you click for example on "TV & Video", the following screen will appear. 



You can then click on these buttons to select the CAtegory of product (Ingest, Playout or Character Generator) or continue using the "Categories" Menu on the top left. For example if you click on the "Playout" Category, this window will show up:



Now, for example, click on "OnTheAir Node" (in the menu or on the button). The following window should then appear with all the different products you can order for OnTheAir Node.



On the top of the page, you will find the full license, and below: the options, the upgrades, the bundles and the dongle:

PROD_OnTheAir_Node.png  =  Basic license (no options)
PROD_OnTheAir_Node_OPTION.png =   An additional Option
PROD_OnTheAir_Node_UPGRADE.png =   An Upgrade
PROD_OnTheAir_Node_BUNDLE.png =   A Bundle (multiple products in one)




To read the details about a product, click on its name or its icon. For example for OnTheAir Node, you will see something like this:




4. Searching a product

You can also search for a product very easily by using the "Quick Search" area:



Here is for example the result of a search for the term "MovieRecorder":





5. Ordering a product

Now that you have found the product you are looking for, you can read the following article about how to order from the online store.

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