Compatibility with macOS Big Sur

All our software should be working fine with Big Sur. Just a few important things to notes:

  • with OnTheAir Video 3 and OnTheAir Video Express 3, there are some UI glitches mainly in the playlist window (the buttons at the top won't be aligned, and the on/off status won't be very visible). We recommend to upgrade to version 4 that has been reworked for Big Sur. Check here.
  • with MovieRecorder 4. The current version 4.3.8 still has the issue when doing remote control. We should be releasing a version 4.4 quite soon with other improvements as well, but we have a pre-release version available if needed.
  • If you are using Blackmagic-Design devices, you must upgrade to drivers 11.7 or later. Indeed, previous versions of the drivers 

If you are using a Mac with an M1 chip, you may want to read the following article to check additional requirements.


Softron Applications Recommended Versions

Earlier versions could work also, but with some possible issues. The versions below are the only ones recommended and that have been fully tested with macOS Big Sur.

Application macOS Big Sur 
(Recommended versions)
GPICommander 2.5.3 or later
OnTheAir CG 3.5.4 or later
OnTheAir Video 4.0 or later
OnTheAir Video Express 4.0 or later
OnTheAir Node 4.0 or later
OnTheAir Live 4.0 or later
OnTheAir Manager 3.3.1 or later
OnTheAir Switch 2.8.2 or later
MovieRecorder 4.4.0 or later
MovieRecorder Express 4.4.0 or later
Multicam Logger 2.1.10 or later
M|Replay 2.1.5 or later
Streaming Center 1.1 or later



Video Devices Supported Driver Versions

Application macOS Big Sur 
(Supported version)
AJA 15.5.3 or later


11.7 or later (previous versions hang)
Deltacast 6.13 or later



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