Compatibility with macOS Big Sur and Macs with the M1 chip

About the compatibility with Big Sur

We have been working on this since the past few months, so all our software should be working fine with Big Sur. Just a few notes:

  • with OnTheAir Video 3 and OnTheAir Video Express 3, there are some UI glitches mainly in the playlist window. We recommend to upgrade to version 4 that has been reworked for Big Sur. Check here.
  • with MovieRecorder 4. The current version 4.3.8 still has the issue when doing remote control. We should be releasing a version 4.4 quite soon with other improvements as well, but we have a pre-release version available if needed.

On a side note, if you are using Blackmagic-Design devices, make sure to read this before you upgrade to Big Sur. 


About the compatibility with the new M1 chip

First make sure of course to check the limitations above for Big Sur as the M1 computers will only run with Big Sur.

When running on computers with M1 chips, there are two possible cases:

  • the application is not built for M1 chips and thus it runs with the Rosetta translation. The performances won't be as good.
  • the application has been built to run natively, so without translation. These applications are called "Universal" as they include a version for Intel and one for M1 processors. This should result in better performances.


With Rosetta

Most of our applications are running fine on computers with the M1 chip. There is only one known issue with the NDI libraries. These can not run on ARM computers, and thus you won't be able to use NDI sources. So you won't be able to use NDI sources with MovieRecorder and MovieRecorder Express, and won't be able to use Live NDI sources in OnTheAir Video Express, OnTheAir Video, and OnTheAir CG.

Note that output to NDI with OnTheAir Video Express, OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir CG works fine, it's only input that does not work currently on M1 chips.


Natively - Universal Applications

We should release soon a Universal version of some of our applications. The first applications to be Universal should be OnTheAir Video Express 4, OnTheAir Video 4, MovieRecorder Express 4 and MovieRecorder 4. However note that we also rely on third-party libraries (such as the ones to access the video cards from AJA, Blackmagic-Design, Deltacast or NDI to name a few), and not all of them are available as Universal libraries.

So the first versions we will provide may not include some of these libraries when running natively on a computer with the M1 chip. But you will be able to force the macOS to open them using Rosetta, and in this casein will be the Intel version starting and all libraries will be available (except for the NDI issue explained above):


Recommended versions 

Softron Applications

Application macOS Big Sur 
(Recommended version)
Apple M1
(First Universal Version)
GPICommander 2.5.3  
OnTheAir CG 3.5.4  
OnTheAir Video 4.0 4.0
OnTheAir Video Express 4.0 4.0
OnTheAir Node 3.8.6  
OnTheAir Switch 2.8.2  
MovieRecorder 4.4.0  
MovieRecorder Express 4.4.0  
Multicam Logger 2.1.10  
M|Replay 2.1.5  
Streaming Center 1.1  

Note that the version numbers are "or later..."


Video Devices drivers

Application macOS Big Sur 
(Recommended version)
Apple M1
(First Universal Version)
AJA 15.5.3 16.0 (not available yet)


11.7 (previous versions hang) 12.0 (beta version available)
Deltacast 6.13 6.16 (not available yet)

Note that the version numbers are "or later..."


Usual and important recommendations 

As usual, when doing major system or hardware upgrades on critical pieces of equipment for broadcast or production, it is always best to run tests with a backup equipment so you can make sure that all the pieces of your specific workflow are working well together. We run many tests, and different combinations, but we don't have your files and all cameras.

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