MacBook Pro and iMac issue with version 3 of our playout applications

There currently is an issue (half of the outputscreen will be "red") with some graphics cards used in the latest MacBook Pros and iMacs. The following software are impacted:

  • OnTheAir CG 3
  • OnTheAir Video 3 (with the SMART Resize and Graphics option enabled)
  • OnTheAir Node 3 (with the SMART Resize and Graphics option enabled)

The issue is related to a macOS bug with OpenGL and does NOT impact OnTheAir CG 4 (not available yet), OnTheAir Video 4, OnTheAir Node 4. Nor does it impact OnTheAir Video Express.

The best solution is thus to either use a different computer, or to update to OnTheAir Video 4. If you can't upgrade your software, you can continue to use OnTheAir Video 3 and OnTheAir Node 3, by can disabling the SMART Resize and Graphics option to overcome the issue (but you won't have the ability to overlay logos).


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