HOW TO: Change the configuration of some Deltacast cards

It is possible to load a different FPGA on some Deltacast cards to change its configuration: 



For example, some of these cards can thus be configured as:

  • 8C (Dynamic bidirectional): this is the configuration that we used to work with for 3G models but that has TX performance issues
  • 8B (Bidirectional): this is the configuration that we used later on (before we started the 12G products), and which does not have the TX performance issues. (Does not have color space converters)
  • 80 (8 fixed inputs/0 outputs): will be like our M|80 card
  • 84 (4 bidirectional channels + 4 fixed inputs): 4 channels will be "fixed" as input channels.

Here is a table that concerns the new 12G products that we are now using:



Differences between Drivers versions

With drivers 6.16, Deltacast has changed the way it is done. It used to be done with "DELTA_Configurator", and is now done using "FWUpdater". Both applications are installed in:

/Library/Application Support/Deltacast/


How to proceed

With Drivers 6.16 or later

Once the driver is installed,

  • start the application "Terminal" and type this:
  • sudo '/Library/Application Support/Deltacast/' -d -c
  • You should see something like this:Deltacast_FWUpdater_GetInfo.png
  • This is the list of devices that are connected to the Mac as well as the possible reconfigurations.
  • The following command will have to specify the device id (if there is only one card, it will be "1", if there are multiple cards, check the number in front of each), followed by the configuration that you want to use (in the following example, we want to configure it as a 12G-4C card, thus config 3): 
  • sudo '/Library/Application Support/Deltacast/' --id=1 --config=3
  • You should see a firmware reflash status, and when completed it should look like this:Deltacast_ChangeConfig.png
  • Restart the Mac.

That's it, your card should be reconfigured with the appropriate configuration.

Note that the FWUpdater utility can be used for other things too. Check the list of possible commands:




With Drivers 6.15 or earlier

Once the driver is installed,

  • start the application "Terminal"
  • Drag and drop the application "DELTA_Configurator" on the Terminal window
  • Then type " 0 8B" (the 0 is the index of the board, and 8B the configuration you want, if you have multiple boards connected you may have to change the index)
  • It should look like this:


  • And then carriage return.
  • It should then show this:


  • Wait for it to be finished, and then restart the computer.


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