HOW TO: Upgrade or add an option to a serial number

If you own a serial number, and want to either:

  • add an option to that serial number (for example add the ProCodecs option to a license of MovieRecorder)
  • upgrade that license to a more recent version (for example if you own a license for MovieRecorder 2 and want to upgrade to MovieRecorder 3)

(note that the procedure to upgrade or update dongles is different)

Here is the procedure:

  • Purchase the option or the upgrade you need. When placing the order, please indicate the original serial number that you need to upgrade/update.
  • As soon as the payment is received we will generate an upgrade serial number.
  • Go to the computer with the original serial number still activated
  • Add the serial number to the current serial number and activate it.

Note that you will always need to have the 2 serials activated: the original one and the upgrade serial number. So for example if you had a serial number for MovieRecorder 2 and purchased an upgrade to MovieRecorder 3, your license window should look like this:

Note at the top right that the license window always tells you the number of channels that are authorized. In the example above, you have 1 channel authorised, so you'll be able to enable one source in MovieRecorder 3.


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