HOW TO: Upgrade or update your dongle

Instructions when you order the dongle upgrade

When you order an update or upgrade for a license that is on a dongle, you will also need to send us at the same time, the serial number for that dongle. Check this article to learn where to find this serial number.

Once the payment for the update or upgrade is received and as soon as the dongle's serial number and license(s) contained on that dongle are verified, we will send you a compressed file (a zip file) named with the serial number of that dongle.


Upgrading the dongle

1. Make sure the dongle is connected to the Mac where you will run the installer. The actual application that you use do not need to be installed.

2. Unzip the file you received from us. 

3. Double-Click on the file you just unzipped. It should be named something like "Dongle 492218648" where the numbers should correspond to the serial number of your dongle. If they do not correspond, verify that you have sent us the good information.

4. It will start a small Application which should go through 3 steps:


5. If successful, it will show you the following message (see below troubleshooting if it is not successful)


6. Click on OK and delete the zip file and the application, you will not need them anymore!

7. Restart your Application, that's it!


Checking if the dongle is correctly updated

To check whether the dongle has been updated, select the menu "About MovieRecorder" (or About the name of your application) from the MovieRecorder menu. This window will show up:


Under the "License Info", you should see the dongle number. If you click on "More info...", this window will show up:


You can see which options are enabled:

  • If Base Application is "Red", then you are in demo mode. If it is green, your application is licensed.
  • Then below are all the options. In this case, you can see the "Closed Captioning" and "Pro Codecs" options are enabled.
  • Licensed Channels tells you how many channel you can start at the same time. In the example above, we can enable 2 channels in MovieRecorder. (In demo mode, you will see "100".)



If the upgrade of the dongle failed and you see the following error messages:


Below are some possible causes of these messages:

  • your dongle is not correctly plugged into the USB port. You can also try to plug it in another USB port or computer as it may be damaged. The light of the dongle should be on when it's functioning correctly
  • the serial number of the dongle you want to upgrade is the same as the numbers specified in the upgrade application file name. If not, check if you have communicated the good serial number to us.
  • if you are on an Xserve, check if the physical lock is off as it may cut some USB communications.
  • If the light on the dongle is not on, it may mean that the dongle is broken. Then read the following article:
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