HOW TO: Use Cue Tone with Softron solutions

If you want to control a Softron software with Cue Tone coming from TV programs, here is how you should proceed.

You need to :

  • purchase a device that can receive for example CATV Network Industry Standard DTMF cue tone sequences and provide a GPI relay closure (like the CTD-3104A DTMF Cue Tone Decoder).
  • purchase from us a GPI Commander box
  • Make sure to install the GPI Commander application in the Applications folder

And configure it as follows:


  • Plug the program audio source to the Cue Tone Decoder
  • Plug the GPI output of the Cue Tone Decoder to one of the 24 input of the GPI Commander (let's say to input 1)
  • In the folder /Applications/GPI Commander/Actions, modify the AppleScript corresponding to the input you connected it. So for example modify the AppleScript "Input 1.scpt" so it controls the application you want. If you want OnTheAir Video to start playing when receiving a Cue Tone, you can modify it as follows:

tell application "OnTheAir Video"

tell front playlist

play first clip

end tell

end tell

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