HOW TO: Use the Cue Mode ?

OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express have a ""Cue" mode that you can enable by clicking on the "CUE" button at the top of the playlist:

This mode is very useful when producing a news show for example. When the cue mode is enabled, the playback controls will behave slightly differently and will work as follow.

If chain mode is disabled too:

  • When you double-click on a clip, press on the space bar, or click on “Play”, instead of playing immediately, the clip will be paused on the first frame
  • When pressing the space bar again (or clicking on “Play”), the clip will start playing
  • At the end of the clip, it will hold the last frame of the clip
  • When pressing the space bar again (or clicking on “Play”), the next clip will be cued (= pause on the first frame)
  • Press the space bar again, and it will start playing
  • etc...

If you want to cue a different clip then the next one, you have to double click on it.

This is very useful for News and live shows where you want the next subject to be ready on the first frame, so when you go from the speaker to the subject, you don't have a black. Also at the end of the subject, you will want to hold the last frame so you have the time to come back in the studio.

The Cue mode can be used in combination with “Chain Mode”: when “Chain Mode” is enabled, the clips will play one after another.

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