HOW TO: Migrate a license from a serial number to a dongle ?

Yes! you can migrate your license from a serial number to a dongle BUT you will need to deactivate the "old" permanent serial number before we can send the dongle. Here is the detailed procedure

  1. Order the dongle option specifying which Serial Number needs to be updated. You can order it from your regular reseller (preferred) or from the online store.
  2. Once payment is received, we send a temporary Serial Number.
  3. Deactivate the "old" serial number. Read more on how to deactivate a serial number here...
  4. Reopen the application and in the license window click on "Clear Serial Numbers". Read more here.
  5. Activate the temporary Serial Number that you should have received from us. Read more on how to activate a serial number here...
  6. Send us an email confirming that the Serial Number has been deactivated.
  7. We permanently "kill" this Serial Number.
  8. We move the license(s) to the dongle(s).
  9. We send you the dongle with FedEx.
  10. 1-2 days later, you should receive the dongle. 
  11. Plug the dongle in your Mac
  12. Enjoy ! (there is no need to deactivate the temporary serial number)
Note that you can place up to 20 licenses on one dongle.
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