HOW TO: "Clear" the license window so you can activate a new serial but not the old?

When do you need to clear the serial numbers list ?

  • If you want to activate a temporary serial number that we sent you instead of a permanent one (for an upgrade to dongle for example)
  • If you have an expired serial number in the list that you want to clear.

Procedure to clear the list

  1. Write down all the serials (or make sure you have a copy of it somewhere)
  2. Deactivate your serial numbers from the license window. Read more about this here... The application will quit automatically at the end of the process
  3. Reopen the application. 
  4. In the License window, your serial number should still be there. Click on the "Clear Serial Numbers" button:
That's it, you can now add any other serial number you would need.


Note: If you were doing a manual deactivation but forgot to write down the deactivation codes, check this article.

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