HOW TO: Crossgrade to another application

In some cases, it is possible to purchase a cross grade to go from one of our application to another.

Currently, crossgrades are only possible between our playout applications (OnTheAir Video Express - OnTheAir Video - OnTheAir Node). 

The procedure is simple. When placing the order for the cross grade you need, indicate the serial number or dongle of your license. Once the order is placed:

  • If you own a dongle, we will simply send you an upgrader.
  • If you own a serial number, you will first need to deactivate your current serial number, send us an email to tell us it has been done, and once we confirm it has been properly deactivated, we will generate a new serial number. You can also choose to upgrade your serial number to a dongle at the same time if you want. For this, just order a dongle at the same time you order the crossgrade.







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