NDI Bandwidth Requirements

Bandwidth Requirements

The table below shows typical NDI network bandwidth requirements that we have measured when using NDI® sources with our ingest or playout applications when using very complex signals.  

NDI® Format fps Mbps MB/s
NDI|HX 1920x1080 30 24 3?
NDI 1920x1080 25 105 10-13
NDI 1920x1080 30 120 12-15
NDI 1920x1080 60 200 20-25
NDI 3840x2160 30 280 28-35
NDI 3840x2160 60 480 45-60


It is important to note that these results are different than the bandwidth requirement that Newtek indicates: 

NDI® Format fps Mbps MB/s
NDI 1920x1080 30 100 12
NDI 1920x1080 60 125 16
NDI 3840x2160 30 200 25
NDI 3840x2160 60 250 32


This is most probably because data rates can vary depending on the type of video signal.


So how many channels can you do?

Unfortunately the answer is NOT as easy as dividing the capability of your network (1Gb theoretical) by the bandwidth requirements.

Indeed, we have seen that on Mac computers, we were able to do max 4 channels of 1080p30 on a 1Gb connection.


Network configuration

We strongly advise you to check with your NDI/System/Network integrator to do the best network for your requirements. NDI® is a network protocol and as such you need to follow some guidelines to have the best performances. You can also find some technical recommendations at the bottom of this page: https://www.newtek.com/ndi/sdk/

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