About the required name and email in License

When and where is this info required

All Softron applications released after June 10th 2016 now will require you to enter a name and email address in 2 places.

When accepting the "License Agreement"


When activating serial numbers

Note that you will have to enter the name and email once, even if you start a different application. Indeed, this info is stored for all our applications and we did not want you to have to enter this info multiple times. But you can edit this information if you want to modify it.


Why is this info required? How will we use it?

First let us insist on things that we won't do with your info:

  • we will not communicate this info to third parties, it will only be used internally at Softron
  • we will not bombard you with emails. 

However, we may send you an email for example to let you know that an important new version has been released, or an important announcement. But we will be using a service such as mail chimp for that, and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time from the mailing list.

Your privacy is important for us, so no other personal information than that will be collected, and we will keep it safe.



The "License Agreement" window re-opens 

Note that even if you have already used the application prior to these releases, and thus have already accepted the license agreement, the window may reopen in 2 cases:

  • the first time you start a version of the Softron applications released after June 10th, 2016, that now require the name and email address
  • in the future, when you will start for the first time a version that requires a paid upgrade.


List of applications versions for which this will be required

Note that some of these applications may not be released yet, and we don't list the beta versions here.

  • MovieRecorder 3.4.4 and later
  • MovieStreamer HLS 2.0.8 and later
  • Multicam Logger 1.4.7 and later
  • M|Replay 1.0 and later
  • OnTheAir CG 3.1.3 and later
  • OnTheAir Manager 3.0.7 and later 
  • OnTheAir Node 3.3.7 and later
  • OnTheAir Video 3.3.11 and later
  • OnTheAir Video Express 3.3.11 and later
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