TROUBLESHOOTING: What does "Video card buffer underrun" means

If you see this logs in the Activity and Logs window of MovieRecorder:

! 2016-02-21 16:11:14 Monday Camera 1 1080i59.94: Error: Video card buffer full (dropped 1 frames)

This is shown when we can't retrieve the frames quickly enough from the video card.

It can be caused by various things, among which:

  • the system hangs (because of a system issue) and the application is then too slow to get the frames. The warning logs about the network should be addressed, so we rule out that possible cause.
  • other system slow downs
  • the bandwidth in the thunderbolt is not quick enough for what it is asked to do. We should thus make sure that nothing can slow it down (another device connected on the same BUS), or that we don't ask too much (for example 8 x 10bit)
  • a hardware issue (either the Computer itself, the thunderbolt port, the Thunderbolt cable, the Sonnet box or the Deltacast card)
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