TROUBLESHOOTING: Only 25 images of my animated sequence are played

This is a limitation that we have set so that the memory of the graphics card is not saturated too quick, and we did a limitation of 200MB per item.

You have to know that as soon as you open a project in OnTheAir CG Designer or OnTheAir CG Server, all the still images that compose the project are buffered on the graphics card. The reason for that is that we want to be ready to play the project as soon as you hit play, and not to have a "buffering" time before the project starts.

But this also means that the memory of the Graphics card can be quickly saturated if you have full screen animated sequence tga. Indeed, the still images are sent uncompressed to the graphics card, so each frame will use 8MB. So for 25 images (1 second) it will already be 200MB. 

Try to limit the size of the images that you use in projects. The bigger they are, the quicker you'll reach the 200MB limitation.


HOW to use longer full screen animations then ?

If you want to have full screen animations, you should use movies in Apple ProRes 4444 with an Alpha channel. Those movies are not buffered and thus there is no limitation in terms of duration, the only limitation will be what the processor of your computer be able to handle to decompress the file in real time.

You should limit the use of animated sequence tga to small graphics such as clocks, smile, etc... for all other animations, prefer movie files. 


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