HOW TO: Change the timezone of Plugin EPG TVGuide

The specifications of the EPG TV Guide require the time information to be using GMT. However, some customers have requested that the start time be relative to their timezone.

Below is how to change the timezone used for the EPG TV Guide.

  1. Quit Manager completely.
  2. Make sure that you are using a compatible version of the plugin (it should be 1.1 or later. You can find the plugin here: /Library/Application Support/Softron/OnTheAir Manager/EPG Plugins/EPGTVGuideManagerPlugin.plugin
  3. Copy the configuration file attached to this article (Default EPG Settings.epgconf) at the following location: 

/Users/<your user name>/Documents/OnTheAir Manager Local DataSource/Private/Plugins Data/EPG TVGuide/ 

You can open the configuration file with a Text Editor and change the offset value to anything you'd like. GMT is London time, so if your in the Mountain time zone, for example, the value would be "-7".



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