HOW TO: do a counter in OnTheAir CG ?

If you want to run a counter type of project, there is currently no built-in "Counter" item in OnTheAir CG. But as always there is a way to achieve this. It is a bit complex to setup, and requires some AppleScript knowledge.

But until we include a "Counter" item in OnTheAir CG, it is a prefect workaround. 

In the meantime, attached are 2 sample projects that will show you how it can be done.

You could take the same idea to do different kinds of counters coconut up, count down, etc... It is in fact pretty flexible.

Note that OnTheAir CG is also controllable through a REST API, and you could instead create a web page with some Java Script that would do roughly the same thing but through a web page.


Countdown until specific date and time

The first zip file "GetDelayUntilTime" is a countdown until a given time. To use this sample project, here is what you should do:

  • download the zip file attached
  • unzip it on your computer
  • open the project "RemainingTimeUntil" in OnTheAir CG Server and play it.
  • double-click on the AppleScript "GetDelayUntilTime.scpt" to open it with "AppleScript Editor"
  • click on "Run" to run the script.
  • in the dialog window that shows up, enter a value until when you want to count. Make sure that you enter the time and date exactly as there is no validation for that value. If you have an error, double check the date/time format.
  • That's it, you should have a countdown time until the moment you have set in the AppleScript.
  • When you reach the time, it should show a "ON AIR" text


Count up or down

The second zip file "Counters" is a simple count up or count down. With the count down project, when you start the AppleScript, a window will popup to ask you to set a start time (the format should be in the format hh:mm:ss, so something like 00:15:00 if you want a countdown from 15 minutes and down)


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