TROUBLESHOOTING: Working with Xsan volumes

If you are working with an Xsan volume you may have come up with an issue: when a new file is added  to the Xsan volume by another computer then the one where OnTheAir Node is installed, the new file doesn't show up in the Media Browser. If then you add a new clip from the computer where OnTheAir Node is installed you will then see all the files added.

This is a known issue and the reason is that the Xsan only refreshes the volume content of the user who generated the events (that is why if you copy a file on the OnTheAir Node station, it refreshes) or to the Metadata controller which is by nature the only one who receives all the notifications from all the Xsan clients. This issue is not related to us, and you can also notice this with the Finder if for example you have a folder of the Xsan opened and add a file to it from another computer (both computers being client of the Xsan of course, not AFP mounts), you will not see the new file coming unless you close and reopen the folder which then forces a refresh.

To solve that we have a function to ask the Node to rescan the content of a whole Media Folder (or just a folder within a Media Folder). In Media Browser window, simply ctrl + click on a folder and select "Refresh" to force the OnTheAir Node you are connected to to rescan the selected folder.

If you want the OnTheAir Node you are controlling to rescan all its media folders, click on the turning arrow next to the Node name on top of Media Browser.

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