TROUBLESHOOTING: OnTheAir Node System pref pane cannot start

If when you try to start OnTheAir Node System pref pane, you have the colour wheel or a warning telling you that it was not able to start. There can be a few reasons :

  • Check that you have read/write permissions in the following folder (and all enclosing folders): /Library/Application Support/Softron/OnTheAir Node/
  • OnTheAir Node and the OnTheAir Node Preference pane are not compatible versions.
  • One of the OnTheAir Node application is crashed. As OnTheAir Node applications are hidden applications, the only way to restart them is to use the application Activity Monitor. Start it, search for it and Force quit the OnTheAir Node applications.- You may need to Force quit OnTheAir Node helper before, so it will not start automatically the Node you just quitted.
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