How to uninstall OnTheAir Node ?

To uninstall OnTheAir Node and all the files related, you have 2 choices: delete the files manually or use the uninstaller.


!!! Before uninstalling you MUST :

  • STOP ANY RUNNING NODE from the System preference pane &
  • DEACTIVATE your serial number(s) for each Node


Uninstall manually

Delete the following files or folders:

/Library/Application Support/Softron/OnTheAir Node/

/Library/PreferencePanes/OnTheAir Node.prefPane


If you want to uninstall OnTheAir Live, follow the guidelines here:



Uninstall using the uninstaller (will uninstall both OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir Live)

Double-click the uninstaller file, and follow the instructions on screen. Please not that the uninstaller will then ask you to click on"Install" even if it will in fact uninstall files.


This uninstaller will remove the following files or folders if present:

/Library/Application Support/Softron/OnTheAir Node/

/Library/PreferencePanes/OnTheAir Node.prefPane


/Users/USER/Documents/OnTheAir Live Local DataSource/



All preferences, Media folders, and database will be lost after this uninstaller.


This uninstaller is provided as is and Softron will not be liable to any damage it could cause to your System.

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