HOW TO: Upgrade or update to a newer version ?

In most cases updates and upgrades are free with Softron software. In this case you just need to download the latest version of the software, unzip it, quit the old application and start the new one, that's it.


Only when the changes to an application are so significant that we change a version number, i.e. from version 1.x to 2.x, will we charge you for the upgrade. In this case, you first need to purchase the upgrade from your reseller/distributor :

  • If using a dongle, at the time of order, you have to specify the serial number of the dongle that needs to be upgraded. When we receive the order, we will send you an upgrade file for your dongle.
  • If using a serial number, you will receive another serial number that you will add to the list of serials in your application and activate. Note that you will always need the "old" serial and that you will then need to activate/deactivate the 2 serials when moving the license from one computer to another or when reinstalling the system.

Note that :

  • It's always best to do the upgrade (dongle or serial) on the latest version of the software.
  • Once you have upgraded, you can start the old OR the new version of the software indifferently (but not both versions at the same time of course).
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