TROUBLESHOOTING: The buttons "Activate via internet" and "Deactivate via internet" remain grayed out.

When you open the "License" window, we try to communicate with our server. If we succeed to communicate, then we enable the button to do the (De)Activation via internet. If we can not communicate, we will disable these buttons.


There can be several reasons explaining why we can not communicate with our server:

  • you are not connected to the internet
  • DNS is not properly configured
  • your FireWall prevent the communication on the port 8080 that we use to communicate (or 6501 for versions released before November 2012)


If you can not solve any of these, then you'll have to use the "(De)Activate manually..." button. Remember then to use copy/paste so you don't do any mistake.

With the manual (de)activation, you'll have to go to a computer that can connect to the internet and go to this page to proceed with the (de)activation:

If you do not communicate us the manual deactivation code, you won't be able to activate your serial number again.

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