How to know if you are in DEMO mode or which options you have ?

When in DEMO mode, our applications are fully functional, but they will show a DEMO frame every few seconds on the output or in the recorded file. Also some applications that don't output or record video such as Multicam Logger have another type of limitation (for Multicam Logger, only 10 angles will be logged and exported).

Some of our applications clearly show the "DEMO" indication in the user interface, but if you don't see it, you can also do one of the following.


For all applications except OnTheAir Node

From the "About" menu

The best place to see if your application is in DEMO mode (and to check which option are active), is when you  select the menu "About MovieRecorder", or "About {Name of the Application}".

This window will open:

Under "License info", if you see:

  • "Demo Version", you are running in DEMO mode
  • A number, your application is licenses and this is the serial number used.

If now you click on the "More info..." button, this window will open:

  • The green LEDs mean that an option is active,
  • The red LEDs ones that it is not active.
  • When the LED in front of "Base Application" is red, this means that you are running in DEMO mode. 
  • At the bottom, you will see "Licensed Channels". In the case of MovieRecorder where you can have multiple channels in one application, this shows how many channels are active. In the screenshot above, this means that I can record 11 channels simultaneously.


From the "License window"

If you go to the menu "License", this window will pop up:

You can see at the top of the window that this application is running in DEMO. When licenses, you will see a green V and the text will say "Application activated".



For OnTheAir Node

The easiest is to start the OnTheAir Node System Preferences, in the "License" Tab. You will see on top a text showing you that the Node is running as "DEMO", you will also see in the example below that there is no serial number in the list, nor dongle recognised. Note that when the Node is running, you will also see a (DEMO) next to its status.

Also, if you start a Node in DEMO more, it will show a (DEMO) next to its name.

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