List of FourCC codes for video codecs

To identify which codec is used, when creating a file, all codecs are described using

  • a "human readable" description (example: Apple ProRes 422)
  • FourCC code which is a sequence of four bytes used to uniquely identify data formats (example: apcn)

But sometimes the humans readable description can be missing, and you are left with only the FourCC code. To help you find which codec is used, below is a table that shows some of the most widely used codecs in video. Of course there are many others, so it is not an exhaustive list, and you can see a much more complete list on various pages such as this one. Also, if you find an important codec missing, don't hesitate to drop us a line. 


1 Uncompressed 1-bit Indexed Color
2 Uncompressed 2-bit Indexed Color
2vuy Component Y'CbCr 8-bit 4:2:2 ordered Cb Y'0 Cr Y'1
4 Uncompressed 4-bit Indexed Color
8 Uncompressed 8-bit Indexed Color
8BPS Planar RGB
16 Uncompressed 16-bit RGB 555 (Big Endian)
24 Uncompressed 24-bit RGB
24BG Uncompressed 24-bit BGR
32 Uncompressed 32-bit ARGB
33 Uncompressed 1-bit Grayscale
34 Uncompressed 2-bit Grayscale
36 Uncompressed 4-bit Grayscale
40 Uncompressed 8-bit Grayscale
5551 Uncompressed 16-bit RGB 5551 (Little Endian)
a2vy Two-Plane Component Y'CbCr,A 8-bit 4:2:2,4
ABGR Uncompressed 32-bit ABGR
ai5p AVC-Intra  50M 720p24/30/60
ai5q AVC-Intra  50M 720p25/50
ai52 AVC-Intra  50M 1080p25/50
ai53 AVC-Intra  50M 1080p24/30/60
ai55 AVC-Intra  50M 1080i50
ai56 AVC-Intra  50M 1080i60
ai1p AVC-Intra 100M 720p24/30/60
ai1q AVC-Intra 100M 720p25/50
ai12 AVC-Intra 100M 1080p25/50
ai13 AVC-Intra 100M 1080p24/30/60
ai15 AVC-Intra 100M 1080i50
ai16 AVC-Intra 100M 1080i60
ACTL Streambox ACT-L2
ap4h Apple ProRes 4444
ap4x Apple ProRes 4444 (XQ)
apch Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
apcn Apple ProRes 422
apco Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)
apcs Apple ProRes 422 (LT)
avc1 H.264
AVdn Avid DNxHD
AVRn Avid Motion JPEG
AVDJ Avid Motion JPEG
ADJV Avid Motion JPEG
avr  Motion JPEG AVR
b16g Uncompressed 16-bit Grayscale
b32a Uncompressed 32-bit AlphaGray
b48r Uncompressed 48-bit RGB
b64a Uncompressed 64-bit ARGB
B565 Uncompressed 16-bit RGB 565 (Big Endian)
BGRA Uncompressed 32-bit BGRA
cvid Cinepak
dmb1 Motion JPEG OpenDML
drmi AVC0 Media
dv1p DV Video C Pro 100 PAL
dv1n DV Video C Pro 100 NTSC
dv5n DVCPRO50 - NTSC
dv5p DVCPRO50 - PAL
dvcp DVC - PAL
dvh2 DVCPRO HD (1080p25)
dvh3 DVCPRO HD (1080p30)
dvh5 DVCPRO HD (1080i50)
dvh6 DVCPRO HD (1080i60)
dvhp DVCPRO HD (720p60)
dvhq DVCPRO HD (720p50)
dvp  DV Video Pro
flv  Flash
gif GIF
h261 H.261
h263 H.263
h264 H.264
hdv1 HDV (720p30)
hdv2 HDV (1080i60)
hdv3 HDV (1080i50)
hdv4 HDV (720p24)
hdv5 HDV (720p25)
hdv6 HDV (1080p24)
hdv7 HDV (1080p25)
hdv8 HDV (1080p30)
hdv9 HDV (720p60)
hdva HDV (720p50)
icod Apple Intermediate Codec
IV41 Intel Indeo Video 4.3
IV50 Indeo video 5.1
jpeg Photo - JPEG
Jvt3 Apple H.264/AVC Video (Preview)
L555 Uncompressed 16-bit RGB 555 (Little Endian)
L565 Uncompressed 16-bit RGB 565 (Little Endian)
mjp2 JPEG 2000
mjpa Motion JPEG A
mjpb Motion JPEG B
mjpg Motion JPEG
mpg4 MPEG-4 Video
mp1v MPEG-1 Video
mp2v MPEG-2 Video
mp4v MPEG-4 Video
mplo Implode
png PNG
pxlt Apple Pixlet Video
r210 Blackmagic Uncompressed RAW 10bit
r408 Component Y'CbCrA 8-bit 4:4:4:4 ordered A Y' Cb Cr
RGBA Uncompressed 32-bit RGBA
rle Animation
rpza Video
s263 H.263
smc Graphics
theo's Theora Video
v210 Component Y'CbCr 10-bit 4:2:2
v216 Component Y'CbCr 10,12,14,16-bit 4:2:2
v264 H.264
v308 Component Y'CbCr 8-bit 4:4:4
v408 Component Y'CbCrA 8-bit 4:4:4:4 ordered Cb Y' Cr A
v410 Component Y'CbCr 10-bit 4:4:4
VP30 On2 VP3 Video 3.2
VP31 On2 VP3 Video 3.2
VP50 On2's VP5 Video
VP60 On2's VP6 Video
VP70 On2's VP7 Video
wmv1  Windows Media Video 7
wmv2  Windows Media Video 8
wmv3  Windows Media Video 9
x264 H.264
xd5a XDCAM HD422 (720p50)
xd59 XDCAM HD422 (720p60)
xdv1 XDCAM EX (720p30)
xdv2 XDCAM HD (1080i60)
xdv3 XDCAM HD (1080i50)
xdv4 XDCAM EX (720p24)
xdv5 XDCAM EX (720p25)
xdv6 XDCAM HD (1080p24)
xdv7 XDCAM HD (1080p25)
xdv8 XDCAM HD (1080p30)
xdv9 XDCAM EX (720p60)
xdva XDCAM EX (720p50)
xplo Implode
y420 Three-Plane Component Y'CbCr 8-bit 4:2:0
yuvs Component Y'CbCr 8-bit 4:2:2 ordered Y'0 Cb Y'1 Cr
zygo ZyGoVideo




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