How many inputs and or outputs do you have on a single video device?

With Softron's playout and ingest software you can work with multiple channels on the same computer. You can have multiple outputs and/or multiple records. You only need to make sure that your Mac will sustain what you ask it to do and that you have one or multiple video cards that will allow you these multiple in or out. There are different ways to have multiple in / out:

  1. you use one video device that can do multiple in/out (read the following article to know how to do that)
  2. OR you use multiple devices to reach the number of in/out you need

We would recommend you to use one device with multiple i/o) because these devices are meant for that (as the M|80, M|62 or M|44). 


Can I use all the connectors on my device?

Even if your card has multiple connectors, it does not mean it can use them simultaneously and independently. For example a lot of cards have 2 connectors for output (such as the UltraStudion 4K), but most of them will output just the same signal. These 2 connectors are used for outputting 3D, or dual link.

Important explanations on the tables below:

  • The number referenced in column number 2 and 3 indicate the number of Independent outputs or inputs. It does not indicate the number of connectors present on the board. For example the UltraStudio 4K has 5 SDI connectors, one for the reference, 2 for the input, and 2 for the output. BUT you can not use the 2 inputs or the 2 outputs independently, except for keying or 3G/6G dual outputs/inputs.
  • The last column indicates of the in and out can be used in Full Duplex.
    • When you can NOT use the connectors in Full Duplex it means that the connectors will be either in or out. For example, the AJA Io 4K has 4 different connectors. And a maximum of 4 inputs or 4 outputs, but not in Full Duplex so you can not use the 4 inputs and the 4 outputs a the same time. You will have the following combinations possible:
      • 4 in,
      • 4 out,
      • 2 in + 2 out,
      • 3 in + 1 out,
      • 1 in + 3 out
    • When you can use in Full Duplex, then you can use simultaneously the input and the output. For example again the UltraStudio 4K, you can use the card for 1 in and 1 out at the same time.
  • About 4K. Some video device use 3G connectors and need 4 connectors to be able to play or record 4K. This is the case for example for the AJA Io 4K or the M|Family. Other video devices use 6G or 12G connectors, and in that case you can have just one connector for one 4K signal.


You need analog audio- What can you do ?

All the cards that support multiple inputs or outputs only do that using SDI with embedded audio. Softron users who need multiple inputs or outputs with analog audio and don't want to work with embedder/de-embedder, can use multiple single i/o devices that have analog audio. And just connect multiple cards to your Mac. But you will be limited with the number of ports/slots available on the Mac.

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