HOW TO: Build up a DB9 Flat Ribbon Cable for RS422 multiple in ?

If you want to use the Adrienne Broadcast Protocol in order to "distribute" Audio LTC time code to multiple RS422 ports (on Video card or using USB to RS422 converters) you will need to build a special serial cable that has one DB9 Male Connector on one side (connected to the Adrienne Box), and multiple DB9 Female connectors on the other side to connect to the RS422 ports.

For that cable you will need:




You will then need to plug one Male DB9 IDC Crimp Connector on one side of the Flat Ribbon Cable and as many Female DB9 IDC Crimp Connectors as you have RS422 ports to connect to on the other side.

The connections must be straight so make sure that Pin 1 of the Male Connector goes to Pin 1 of the Female Connector, Pin 2 to Pin 2, etc.

As the Male and Female connectors are "inverted", double-check your connections with the diagram below.

DB9_cable.png              DB9_cable-_Straight_cable.png



And if you want to connect multiple female connectors, you just need to "plug" multiple Female connectors on the Flat Ribbon cable:



So you will end up with a cable such as this one (sorry for the poor quality picture):


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