Learning how to build AppleScripts

Most Softron applications are AppleScriptable (can be controlled by AppleScripts), or can control other applications using AppleScripts (such as OnTheAir Video actions or MovieRecorder start and stop AppleScripts), so you may need to write your own AppleScript.


A good start is to use the sample AppleScripts that are provided on the products download pages, such as the one for OnTheAir Video:



Also, you can easily see the various Commands that each application provides is to view the "Dictionary," associated with each application. Do this, you have two choices:

  • drag and drop the application (like OnTheAir Video) on the Script Editor Application
  • In Script Editor application, go to File>Open Dictionary. Scroll down the list of applications, click on the application and hit “OK.”


These sample AppleScripts will help you taking your first steps in writing AppleScripts, but if you want to go further, there are many resources for learning about AppleScript, among which:



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