List of Keyboard shortcuts for OnTheAir Live


Keystroke Action
command + n New Playlist
command + o Open Document (Playlist or Schedule)
command + s Save Playlist
command + shift + s Save Playlist as (Save all playlists in Manager)
command + i Show Inspector (or Drawer for OTAV)
command + b Show Media Browser
command + t Show Time Window
command + w Close Window
command + m Minimize
Escape Exit Full Screen (for the Time window)
Other Controls  
command + u Unlock Node
command + l Lock Node
Playback Control in Playlist  
option + left Skip to previous
option + right Skip To Next
space bar Play/stop/pause
Playback Control in Inspector  
left Go 1 frame earlier
right Go 1 frame later
J Backward (press one time = 1 x speed even if forward, press 2 times = 2x speed, 3 times  = 3x speed)
K Pause
L Forward (press one time = 1 x speed even if backward press 2 times = 2x speed, 3 times  = 3x speed)
option + left Go to end of clip
option + right Go to beginning of clip
space bar Play/stop/pause
Clip Edition in Inspector  
i Set in point
o Set out point
Shift +  i Go to in point
Shift + o Go to out point
option + i Clear in point
option + o Clear out point
option + x Clear in and out points
Document Edition / Navigation 
command + a Select All clips
command + x Cut Selected Clips
command + c Copy Selected Clips
command + v Paste Selected Clips
command + z Undo
command + shift + z Redo
option + command + up Select First Clip in playlist
option + command + down Select Last Clip in playlist
up Select Previous Clip
down Select Next Clip
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