TROUBLESHOOTING: Can not connect to Tricaster

If you are trying to use a Tricaster with Multicam Logger, and it fails to connect, make sure that you have entered the appropriate IP address. of your Tricaster. You can check the IP address simply by clicking on the little "World" icon at the top right of your Tricaster user interface.

If it still does not work, try to enter this url in any browser (on the same computer as the one where Multicam Logger runs):

Just make sure to replace the starting IP address by the IP address of your Tricaster. It should return an XML with the status of the switcher (see sample file attached to this article).


If instead of the XML page, you have a page not found error, or nothing happens

Then either:

  • there is an issue with either your network
  • or there is an issue with your Tricaster and you should get in touch with Newtek's support.


If an authentication pane shows up, and the xml does not show up

Then you should make sure to disable the password authentication on your Tricaster as this is not yet supported in Multicam Logger.


If the XML page shows up

But still Multicam Logger can not connect, then create a support ticket and send us the complete logs from the menu "Help > Contact Softron Support..."

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