TROUBLESHOOTING: Can not connect to ATEM Switcher

If you can not connect to your ATEM Switcher, check the warning. Depending on what it says, there can be different reasons.


ATEM Switcher Software may not be installed

If, when you enable the checbox "ATEM Production Switcher" a message says "ATEM Switcher Software may not be installed:


This means that you haven't installed the ATEM software on your Mac. Indeed we are using components that are installed with the ATEM Software to connect to your ATEM Switcher. Without it we won't be able to connect to it. You should download it from the Blackmagic-Design's website and install it. Make sure to install the same version as your Switcher's Firmware (see below).


No response from Switcher

If the message says "No response from Switcher":


It can mean that:

  • Check the IP address that you have entered. A common mistake is to enter the IP address of the Panel instead of the switcher itself.
  • Check your network connection (can you "ping" the Switcher?)


Switcher Firmware Incompatible

If the message says "Switcher Firmware Incompatible":



It means that the ATEM software that you have installed on your Mac does not match the Firmware on the switcher. As said above we use components installed by the ATEM software installer, and they must be the same as the version of the firmware installed on the switcher.

IF you try to start Blackmagic-Design's ATEM Software application, it should show the same kind of warning:


You have 2 options:


Model is not supported

Maybe the model you are using added features that were not there when we developed the software. For example the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K added a new audio mixer from Fairlight. We had to add the support to it in Multicam Logger 2. Make sure that you have also updated to the latest version of Multicam Logger, specially if you use a newer model.


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