HOW TO: Setup when you have no accurate TC

As explained in the article about the various Timecode sources available with MovieRecorder, the most accurate timecode sources for Multicam Logger are either Audio LTC or Timecode Systems devices. And of course making sure that the same timecode is distributed to both Multicam Logger and the device you use to record the camera ISOs.

But sometimes you may not be able to get a valid and accurate Timecode to your camera ISOs recordings and/or Multicam Logger.  Here is how to proceed.


Various workflows depending on your recording solution


  • When you start your production use a visual and audio hint that will allow you to sync later on. You can do that with a good old "clap", or you can also film an iPad on which runs an application that generates timecode.
  • Use Mac Clock as the timecode source in Multicam Logger 
  • Depending on how you record your camera ISOs, you will have to choose a different "Angle Synchronization" method when you export your Multicam Logger project. The angle Synchronization method is precisely what we use to synchronize all the angles together and with your clips.


With MovieRecorder  

In MovieRecorder, configure your sources to use "Application Timecode", and in the preferences, set the timecode source to be the "Mac Clock". More info on the various timecode sources of MovieRecorder can be found here.

Note that if Multicam Logger runs on a different computer, the 2 computers may have an offset between their 2 clocks. So you will need to either change the offset to correct that, or you may want to use "MovieRecorder" as a timecode source for Multicam Logger.

Then after your production, when you want to export your Multicam Logger document to either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, select "Start Timecode" as the Angle Synchronization method:



This is the same angle synchronization method as when using more accurate timecode sources such as Audio LTC or Timecode Systems. But if Multicam Logger and MovieRecorder are running on the same Mac, and/or you are using MovieRecorder as a TC source, it should be pretty accurate.

If it is not exactly accurate, you can use the method below to "resync" the angles together.


With a recording device that has "time of day"

(This only works when exporting to Final Cut Pro X, it is not supported by Adobe Premiere, see the workflow without time of day if you did not record with MovieRecorder )

If the solution you use to record your camera ISOs support "time of day", then set it to be as close as the time of your Mac. 

Then after your production, when you want to export your Multicam Logger document to either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, select "Content Created" as the Angle Synchronization method:


Withy that method, Multicam Logger will check the creation date and time of the various files and try to sync it with the timecode of your Multicam Logger project. This is why the time of your Mac must be as close as possible to the time of your recording device.

Of course this method won't be frame accurate, but it will be relatively close. And you can then use the method below to "resync" the angles together.


With a recording device for which you can not set a "time of day"

If you are using Adobe Premiere and/or the files recorded do not have a recording date/time that matches the timecode of your Multicam Logger, then when you export your Multicam Logger project, select "None" as the Angle Synchronization method


This will place all clips right at the beginning of the Multicam clip, and no synchronization will be done. And you will have to sync all angles together with the method below.


Syncing angles in your editing solution

Once imported in your editing solution, there will be 2 phases:

  1. Sync all the angles together in the multicam clip (so everything happens at the same time)
  2. Sync the video with the changes of angles in the timeline

Note that you can do that in any order. You may want to first make sure that the first angle is in sync with the cuts that were done, and then synchronize all the other angles with that first angle.


How to sync all angles together?

  • manually sync the angles using the claps that you have made (provided you made them of course)
  • use a tool either directly in the editing solution (Final Cut Pro X allow you to sync using the audio inside the application), or use a plugin to do that (Plural Eyes for example).

Here is an article that explains how to manually sync angles with Final Cut Pro X :


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