Differences between MovieRecorder and MovieRecorder Express

We offer two versions of our ingest application. MovieRecorder Express is the "entry-level" ingest solution from Softron, while MovieRecorder offers more advanced features.

You can compare the 2 versions in the feature list of the MovieRecorder page on our website.


Main differences

But here are a few explanations on the main differences:

  • Multiple Destinations: Record to multiple destinations at once so you can, for example, record to 2 different storage devices for redundancy, and/or record to 2 different codecs.
  • Supported Codecs: In addition to ProRes and H.264, MovieRecorder can also record to AVC-Intra, DV/DVCPRO, DNxHD, IMX, XDCAM, XAVC
  • Supported Wrappers: MovieRecorder can record to MXF (either to OpAtom for MXF DNxHD or Op1a for all other supported codecs), as well as QT.
  • Closed Captioning: If a valid CC signal is detected on the input, a CC icon will be displayed. Record CEA-608 or CEA-708 Closed captioning tracks.
  • Metadata: Add metadata to the recorded file, either as a side car file or embedded in the movie (the embedded option is available only in QuickTime).
  • External audio sources: Instead of using the audio input of the video device (AJA, Blackmagic-Design, Deltacast), use external audio, such as the built-in audio input of the Mac, or Dante audio, etc.
  • Effects and Overlays: In AVPresets, you can choose to rotate, crop, scale, overlay TC, Text, and/or a graphic (such as your logo).
  • Save and restore configurations: Save a configuration of MovieRecorder (its enabled sources, destinations, AVPresets, Viewers Layout, Scheduled Events, VTR Batch List) and restore it at a later time. Very useful to switch between 2 shows configurations.
  • VTR Control and batch capture: Control a VTR with an RS422 port, create batch lists, and capture them. Ideal if you have a lot of tapes to capture.
  • Remote Source "Slave" mode: You can set a remote source to do exactly the same thing as the source you are controlling. This is a great solution for redundancy, so you can have multiple computers start and stop recording at the same time.


Are the licenses "cross-compatible"?

No, MovieRecorder and MovieRecorder Express are 2 different applications, and thus:

  • it is NOT possible to use a MovieRecorder license with MovieRecorder Express
  • it is NOT possible to upgrade from MovieRecorder Express to MovieRecorder 
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