Recommendations on which TC source to use with Multicam Logger

As you know, Multicam Logger does not record any video. You can record with any recording device you want and link the files afterwards to create your multicam XML to import in your editing solution..

In order for the different angles to be properly synced together and the cuts to be placed at the correct positions, the only accurate way is to distribute the same TC to :

  • Multicam Logger
  • the  recording devices (the camera themselves, MovieRecorder, or any other device)


How to distribute the same TC across the recording device and Multicam Logger?

There are 2 main and recommended ways that work whatever recording device you use, provided they support any of the 2 and have a TC input:

  • with Audio LTC
  • with Timecode Buddy

If you are recording the camera ISOs with MovieRecorder, then there is an additional option you can use in MCLogger which is the "direct timecode link" to MovieRecorder. You select a MovieRecorder as a TC source. And this MovieRecorder will transmit the TC it receives. So it will need to have an accurate TC source as well. It can be RS422, RP188, Video card TC...


What about the Mac Clock TC source then? And what if I don't have TC?

Using the Mac clock as a TC source in Multicam Logger is NOT accurate, even with the direct TC link to MovieRecorder. If all MovieRecorders and Multicam Logger are on the same computer, it could be relatively in sync. But not frame accurate.


So why should we use the Mac clock?

  • if you do not have any of the other TC accurate source. No audio LTC, no Timecode Buddy...
  • OR if your recording devices don't accept TC in. It is the case if working and recording with DSLRs for example.


Is it possible to be more accurate with the Mac clock or to synchronise afterwards?
Yes of course. Using the Mac clock to sync the angles and the cuts allow you to have a multicam clip with the angles and cuts more or less in sync. Once imported in your editing solution, you can then:

  • manually sync the angles using the claps that you have made (provided you made them of course)
  • use a tool either directly in the editing solution (Final Cut Pro X allow you to sync using the audio inside the application), or use a plugin to do that (Plural Eyes for example).
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