Can I use a plugin 32x32 for a router from the same brand that is not in the list ?

If for example you see that the Leitch Panacea 32x32 router is supported, but have a Leitch Panacea 6x2, this doesn't mean that you can use the 32x32 plugin for the 6x2.

The protocol for the 2 routers will probably be the same indeed BUT we have noticed on other switches that the number of input/output will impact to the response. To explain it thoroughly:

  • OnTheAir Switch send a command to the Video router like "hey tell me what is your status?" 
  • It replies to OnTheAir Switch something like: output 1 is on 1, output 2 is on 2, output 3 is on 5, ..."

You'll understand that the length of this reply will be longer if we have more outputs. AND OnTheAir Switch will wait to receive the whole reply expected for the number of output it has been developed. So if it's shorter (because number of output is 6 instead of 32), we'll wait indefinitely.

Also do not forget that among the same type of video router, it can be formated differently: it can be formatted to receive in RS422, with the wrong baud rate, etc... so make sure it is configured according to these specs:

If we need to develop a plugin for your video router, the best is that we have the router to test. If not, it may take some time to develop and send back and forth. And in any case, we have to be notified some time before.

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