How to configure OnTheAir Switch?

1. Check that your video router is supported

Setting up OnTheAir Switch is quite easy. But of course remember to check that your video router is in the list of supported video routers available here.

If your Video Router is not supported, then make sure to contact us before ordering to enquire about the possibility to support it. We usually will be able to implement it quite quick, but we need to know in advance. Also consider that a 32 x 32 is not the same router as a 8 x 8, even from the same brand.


2. Check that you have the required hardware

Only the Blackmagic Videohub and AJA Kumo can be controlled through your network and do not require any additional hardware. But all the other video routers will require a USB to RS232 converter (such as the ones from Keyspan (by Tripp Lite) : USA-19HS.

Download and install the drivers required for it.


3. Configure OnTheAir Switch:

  • Make sure that you have configured your Video router using the specifications (baud rate, etc...) available here for each router here.
  • Make sure the video router is configured so it can be controlled using RS323, and not RS422.
  • Make sure to connect the Video router to your computer using a RS232 to USB converter such as the ones Keyspan sells, and that the drivers for it are installed if drivers are required. 
  • Note that the RS232 port of the Xserve is not configurable => can not be used
  • Make sure you are using a good cable (RS232), check the pin mapping.
  • In the preferences / Connections of OnTheAir Switch, select
      • the appropriate port (you have to select the RS232 port of the Keyspan).
      • the appropriate adress
      • the appropriate Matrix Type

 When a Matrix successfully connects, you should see its status and have the green LED next to the "Connected" information on the top left of the application. If it doesn't, try to use an application like Zterm to see if it can connect and respond to the commands.

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