How to use the Zterm application

The Zterm application is a terminal emulation program that can be used to check if you can control the Video router or not. If we currently don't support the Video Router you intend to use, we may ask you to send us some information from Zterm.

Here are basic instructions to use Zterm:

  • make sure that the Video Router is connected to your Mac using a RS232 cable that is properly built
  • make sure the RS232 cable is plugged in the USB to RS232 adapter (such as Keyspan) and that the adapter is plugged in your mac.
  • make sure that OnTheAir Switch doesn't run
  • in the menu Settings / Modem Preferences, select the proper port to connect with (will depend what USB to RS232 converter you use, if it's a Keyspan, it will start with USA...)
  • go in menu Settings / Connection and configure the baud rate, Data Bits, Parity and Stop Bits  according to how it how your video router is set (check your user manual for that) See the attached screenshot to have an idea on how it should be configured.
  • in the control window, hit the return key. If everything is fine, you should see a >, this means that the router answers
  • type read and then hit the return key
  • the video router should answer you something like this (here from a Panacea 32 x32) :

Level 00:

00001,00001; 00002,00002; 00003,00003; 00004,00004; 00005,00001; 00006,00001;

00007,00001; 00008,00001; 00009,00001; 00010,00001; 00011,00001; 00012,00001;

00013,00001; 00014,00001; 00015,00001; 00016,00001; 00017,00001; 00018,00001;

00019,00001; 00020,00001; 00021,00001; 00022,00001; 00023,00004; 00024,00001;

00025,00004; 00026,00004; 00027,00001; 00028,00001; 00029,00001; 00030,00001;

00031,00001; 00032,00001;

In this example, you can see the status of all the 32 outputs. This is one information that we may require from you.

  • you'll also be able to control the Video router using commands that you can find in the Serial protocol user manual of your video router.
Note that Zterm is a Shareware and you have to acquire a license to use it.
You can also use the application CoolTerm to do the same thing as above.
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