HOW TO: control MovieStreamer HLS with the REST API (beta)

DISCLAIMER: The REST API of MovieStreamer HLS is in beta. Use it carefully and report us any issue that you would have. Also, there is no login and password yet, so anybody knowing how to do it might be able to control it. Disable Remote control if you are in an untrusted environment.


Enable remote control from MovieStreamer HLS

In MovieStreamer HLS, go into the preferences and make sure to enable the remote control and set a port number you want to communicate on:



Control from a web browser

Once it is set, open an internet browser and type the following (modify the IP address and port number accordingly):

To start recording/streaming:


To stop recording/streaming:


You can also GET some information on the frame size, the source and destinations, status of the recorder, etc, using the following commands:


All these commands are in read only (GET).

There is only one command that is in read and write (GET and PUT):

 This is the command that allows you to set the frame size that you receive when you use the frame command. Settings will be passed using JSON:


"width" : 640,

"height" : 360,

"compressionFactor" : 0.5



Control from a Terminal application

Th examples above were given for a control from a web browser. If you want to control MovieStreamer HLS using command line, just use cURL. It will be a command line looking like this:



Again, use this wisely, and only in a trusted network.


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