Once you are streaming with MovieStreamer HLS, there are different ways to see the stream created.


HTTP Live Streaming on a mobile device

The default web browsers on iOS and Android devices support HTTP Live Streaming, but there are applications that support it too, search the respective stores to find one.


HTTP Live Streaming on a computer

On a desktop computer, you have different options.

  • The first is to use a web browser that supports HTTP Live Streaming 
  • Or you can also use an application that can read an HLS stream such as QuickTime 10 VLC, or IINA


With QuickTime 10

  • Go in the menu File > Open Location...
  • In the window that pops up, enter in the Movie Location something like this:

  • Click on "Open"
  • If it does not open, make sure that the address you entered is correct. Compare it to what you have set in MovieStreamer HLS.


With VLC or IINA when you have a direct acces to the files

You can simply open the "playlist.m3u8" file that is generated by MovieStreamer HLS.


With VLC when you are looking at it remotely

  • Go to the menu File > Open Network...
  • In the window that opens, enter an address that reference a playlist of one of the stream such as this:

  • You can see that we are now there reading the playlist of the Cellular High preset.