Pre-release: M|Replay 2.2

IMPORTANT: Before you download and use a pre-release version, make sure to check the READ ME article to know how to use pre-release versions and their limitations.


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Version 2.2b23 (20 October 2021)


Release Notes

  • Full Compatibility with macOS Big Sur (11.0).
  • NEW: The maximum session duration is now 25h (was 9h).
  • NEW: Loop Recording to allow for continuous recording (ideal for timeshifting)
  • NEW: SKAARHOJ XC8: Added the ability to connect multiple XC8 to one M|Replay. Simply configure multiple XC8 to connect to the same IP address.
  • IMPROVED: Updated AJA (v16), Blackmagic-Design (v12) and Deltacast (v6.16) SDKs.
  • FIXED: When using UHD or 4K, session configuration now remembers if it's single link, quad link, etc...
  • FIXED: Issues with Deltacast configuration in UHD and 4K
  • FIXED: SKAARHOJ XC8: Some buttons did not lit up immediately
  • FIXED: The Audio VU meters display settings could be ignored when creating a new session


Warnings and Important modifications

  • IMPORTANT: This is work in progress, and when using loop recording, you won't be able to use the clips in the playlist. Only external clips.
  • There is currently a bug in QuickTime X and Final Cut Pro with files longer than 12 hours. They will play without audio. But the audio is recorded in the file, and if you export a shorter duration from M|Replay, you'll be able to access to it, but exporting or sending to Final Cut Pro X won't work for sessions longer than 12hours.
  • Creating the header for a 25hours file can take some time. The session will work immediately, but the send to Final Cut Pro X or reading the files directly won't work until the header is created.





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