Pre-release: MovieRecorder 4.4

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Version 4.4b45 (29 July 2021)

MovieRecorder Express
Version 4.4b45 (29 July 2021)


Known issue: Viewers layout can be wrong when showing/hiding the side pane. Resize the MovieRecorder window to address the issue.


Release Notes

MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • NEW: Added the ability to create a new clip when TC break is detected (only with QuickTime None or Segmented destinations; and the TC source must match the fps of the video source).
  • NEW: Updated NDI SDK to version 4.6.2 for full compatibility of NDI with Apple Silicon computers. 
  • IMPROVED: Updated to latest versions of the SDK
  • FIXED: Crash happening when doing remote control with Catalina. Read more...
  • FIXED: Issue with fps of Classic QuickTime movie files when using an effect to change the fps from 50 to 25 or 60 to 30.
  • FIXED: Some audio drops could happen when using Blackmagic-Design devices
  • FIXED: AppleScripts Actions were not triggered at the end of the recording if done with a schedule, or timer
  • FIXED: AppleScripts Actions could not retrieve the recording name of a schedule
  • FIXED: when doing auto-split, only the first recorded file would have the correct DF/NDF flag. All subsequent recordings would have the non drop frame flag even if using drop frame. 
  • FIXED: Auto split with encoders that can produce an I-frame whenever needed. The durations will match one another. Note that some codecs may still have different split times depending on the GOP structure.
  • FIXED: when doing auto-split with AAC audio, there could be one sample of audio missing at the beginning
  • FIXED: possible issue when creating new file after an auto-split
  • FIXED: REST API issue to update scheduled recordings

MovieRecorder only

  • NEW: AppleScripts now send the source name as a parameter. Useful to do tests for example for notifications, or have a different behaviour depending on the source name.
  • IMPROVED: Now allowing to enter comas in metadata text fields
  • NEW: Added support for DNxHR
  • FIXED: Schedule issue for spring DST (on the Sunday of the change, scheduled recordings between 23PM and midnight would not be triggered)
  • FIXED: Crash when writing some sidecar metadata files with MXF destinations
  • FIXED: Some warnings when encoding to XDCAM (but had no impact on encoding, just excessive logging)
  • FIXED: Some possible duplicated frames at the end of XDCAM recordings.
  • FIXED: Some display issues for CC in Viewers.
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