HOW TO: Upgrade from OnTheAir CG 1 to OnTheAir CG 3

When upgrading to OnTheAir CG 1 to OnTheAir CG 3, there are a few things to know.


About dongles or serial numbers

OnTheAir CG 1 came with this kind of dongles:

The problem is that those dongles are not supported anymore by our products. So when you order the upgrade, you will have 2 choices:

  1. If you want to keep on using dongles, you will have to purchase a new dongle when you order the upgrade.
  2. If you do not order a new dongle, your license will be migrated to a serial number and you won't have a dongle anymore.


Send us back the old dongle !

Whatever option you choose, you will have to send us back the dongle you currently own as it holds the OnTheAir CG 1 license. We will only send you back a new license (on a dongle or a serial number) when we have received the old dongle.

While the dongle is on its way to us, we can of course send you a temporary serial number so you can keep on working.


Projects and OS compatibility - Test demo version

The projects that you have created in OnTheAir CG 1 won't be compatible with OnTheAir CG 3, so you will have to recreate them.

Also OnTheAir CG 3 require OS X 10.9.5 or later and 10.10.5 is recommended.

In any case it is a good idea to run tests with OnTheAir CG 3 to see if it fits your needs. We have demo versions available on the website so you can make sure that the product fits your needs before you purchase it.




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