Which type of files and codecs are supported by Multicam Logger ?

In Multicam Logger, you can record the different camera ISOs with MovieRecorder or with any other recording device, including recording on the camera itself. However, you will be limited in some file types and codecs, the ones that are supported by QuickTime 7.

Indeed, Multicam Logger uses the QuickTime APIs to read the video files and get the required info out of them (TC, format, duration, etc.). So the type of file that is supported by Multicam Logger depends on which QuickTime component is installed on your Mac. 


Install QuickTime components to support more codecs

To support more codecs with Multicam Logger, you can install QuickTime components in various ways. You can search online for new components, but below are already two references.

With Apple Pro Video Applications

The easiest one is to purchase one of the Pro Video application from Apple (Compressor, Motion or Final Cut Pro X) which will also install the ProVideo Formats and new components. Among which support for MXF.

Note that this can change over time depending on what Apple installs, but is an easy way to support even more codec and formats.

Avid Codecs

You can also download the Avid codecs from Avid's website: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Compatibility/en263545


How to verify which codec and format will be supported on your Mac?

You can easily verify if your file will be supported by downloading QuickTime 7 from Apple's website.

If you can open your file with QuickTime 7, then it means that Multicam Logger should be able to support it, if you can't open the file with QuickTime 7, then for sure Multicam Logger will not support it.


Stereo only for Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere

Currently, when exporting to Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere,  you will only be able to use Stereo audio tracks.

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