HOW TO: Know which options are active with my license ?

Some Softron applications have options that can be active or not,  depending on whether you purchased that option.  MovieRecorder, for example,  has the Closed Captioning option, OnTheAir Node the DGO or CC option, etc...

If you do not remember what options are active for your license. Below is how you can find that  info.

Note that, in DEMO mode, all options are active.


With all Softron applications except OnTheAir Node

The best way to check which options are active, is when you select the menu "About OnTheAir Video", or "About {Name of the Application}" (in the application name menu bar).

In the window that shows up, click on the "More info..." button:


Then you will see a window with red and/or green "LEDs", showing which options are active:


When the LED in front of "Base Application" is red, this means that you are running in DEMO mode (and thus all the other LEDs should be green).



OnTheAir Node only

The easiest way to check is to start the OnTheAir Node System Preferences, make sure the good Node is selected on the right and then select the "License" Tab. Depending on whether you are using a serial number or a dongle, you will find the info at a different location.


With Serial Numbers

 If you have entered your serial number in the list, it should show as in the screenshot below:


In the Description section next to the serial number you will find additional information:

  • First it will tell you if it's a Master, Upgrade or Option Add-on serial number. You need to have at least one Master serial number per Node. In the sample above, it is a Master Serial Number.
  • Then between brackets is the version of the software. 
  • Then all the options are shown. Hover over the text to see more if it is partially cropped as here.
  • And finally, it says if it is a permanent or temporary serial number. If it's a temporary it should tell you when the license will end. (You may have to hover the mouse on the text to see that information in a tooltip.)

With dongles

If your dongle is connected to your computer and recognized, it will be shown as in the screenshot below:


The information listed here is:

  • The serial number of the dongle
  • Between brackets are all of the options that are active. In the example above, the DGO and Closed Captioning options are active for that dongle.

 You may want to check that at the top of the window, the status says "Node activated" which tells that you are using a valid license. It may show up red, even with a dongle connected, if for example you have a license for a v3 on the dongle, but are using a v4.

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