HOW TO: Report errors when the menu "Help > Contact Softron Support" is not available

The easiest way to submit a ticket to us is to use the menu "Help > Contact Softron Support" (or for OnTheAir Node, the System Preferences "Contact Support..." button) as all files are gathered for you. If you have an application released before April 24, 2013, the "Contact Softron Support" menu is then not available for you. Make sure to download the latest version of the application, and if it is still not available or you can not upgrade, then you will need to follow the steps explained below.

Softron strives to provide the best user experience and support possible. If you encounter an issue with Softron products please check the Knowledge Base first  to see whether you can find an explanation to your issue.

If you can not find the answer in the Knowledge Base, please submit a support request ticket using our Softron Support Desk. It is very important to provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the issue. Below are a few essential elements that we require in order to fulfill any support requests. Once you have assembled this information, submit your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. A response usually takes just a few hours. 

After we have received all logs and information and if we can not sort things out, will we possibly have to take control remotely of your computer using TeamViewer QuickSupport. In that case, our support team would provide you with all the details  we will need to control your computer but remember that you must first provide with all the information before we can undertake any other steps.


1. Describe your problem as precisely as possible

When you describe your issue, be as precise as possible and give:

  • Description of the problem + time/date at which it occurred.
  • Tell us how long you have been using the Softron software and the first time you have noticed the problem.
  • Confirm that you have searched the Knowledge Base but couldn't find an answer to your problem.
  • What steps you have taken to remedy the issue (+ time/date).
  • Severity (from minor cosmetic glitch to complete crash)
  • Can the issue be reproduced?
  • Description of your workflow: file path, storage, and network configuration.
  • Due to the wide array of hardware configurations and the diverse use of our products, some support issues will likely require an evaluation and maintenance of hardware associated with your system. Please specify how your system is configured.



2. Send us all the appropriate Logs and Documents

To help us analyze your issue, you will also have to send us some files. Some files are needed only with some applications, in other cases, different files are needed every time. If you do not know how to retrieve any of these documents, check the following forum post :

Once you have collected all these files, place them in a folder named with the date and short description of application & problem. Then zip the folder (right-click on the folder and select “Compress” .

When submitting your bug report, attach this zipped file to it.

There are a wide variety of issues that can be resolved by downloading the users manuals and reviewing our Knowledge Base. We hope that that this information is helpful. We are confident that our support team will do its best to be as responsive as possible.


2.1. Documents needed FOR ALL Applications

 For ALL Types of issues

  • The System Profiler file (in the About This Mac > More Info)
  • The System and Console Logs (from Application Utilities/Console)
  • The Preferences of the application (from folder User/Library/Preferences/


Only if there was a crash of the application

  • The Crash logs (from Application /Applications/Utilities/Console)


2.2. Documents needed only for specific applications

For OnTheAir Video

  • the OTAV_ .log (see the OnTheAir Video preferences for "As-run-logs" for their location)
  • the playlists involved (extension .vpls)
  • the schedule involved (if any)


For OnTheAir Node + OnTheAir Live

  • From the client computer (the one controlling the output):
    • the playlists involved (extension .vpls)
    • the database of clips: /Users/UserName/Documents/OnTheAir Live Local DataSource/
  • From the computer doing the output (where OnTheAir Node is installed):
    • the whole folder: /Library/Applications Support/Softron/OnTheAir Node/


For OnTheAir Node + OnTheAir Manager

  • From the client computer (the one controlling the output):
    • the database of clips/playlists/schedules: /Users/UserName/Documents/OnTheAir ManagerLocal DataSource/
  • From the computer doing the output (where OnTheAir Node is installed):
    • the folder: /Library/Applications Support/Softron/OnTheAir Node/


For OnTheAir CG

  • the preferences of OnTheAir CG (!! the program.plist file located in the same folder as the application - NOT the .com.softronmedia.OnTheAirCG.plist file))
  • the project involved (extension .cg)
  • the graphics used
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